What is ‘Hard Time Require Furious Dancing’?

Our vision, developed through discussion and our experiences during the development phase, builds on the statements in our original application and focusses in on the things we feel are most important to drive Creative Civic Change in our two area This is a title taken from a poem by Alice Walker.
Furious Dancing could mean many things but it has joy, intent and creativity at its heart. We are two communities intent on furious dancing in hard times in order to bring joy, create and make change. Working together and with our people we are growing a programme that will use art and creativity as both conduit and catalyst for transformation.
Hard Times Require Furious Dancing will speak of a story that will be of local, national and international significance.

Ian Tighe

My name is Ian, and I am a resident of Welsh House Farm , I work part time for the NHS working in and using mental health services.
I am interested in the Peer learning which CCC offered and that’s why I joined the steering group. With others from the CCC group, peer to peer learning allows residents to work through new concepts and material with other individuals engaged in the same work and provides them with opportunities to teach and be taught by one another, expanding their ideas and fostering meaningful friendships.
This also is a great opportunity for me to discover my hidden talents, and has helped my self-esteem.

Carol Reid – Community Enabler

I have worked within diverse communities for over 18 years providing inclusive support to children, young people and adults with disabilities including their family.  I also support families from disadvantaged backgrounds through my project work within Athac a micro social enterprise providing supported access to heritage art and culture.
My role within Hard Times Requires Furious Dancing as allowed me to share and embed good practice around inclusion and consideration of those with additional needs or access barriers when planning and considering delivering activities within both communities.
The position allows me to highlight issues at the start of all initiatives to ensure inclusion is central an example of this is the pop up music/play sessions delivered in both communities session by nature of being on the doorstep all in that street or block are welcomed.